About Our Sorority

Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902 when six young women came together to form a sorority.  They had a vision of lifetime sisterhood fostered by ideals they they cherished.  These six women quickly bonded as friends and sisters as they faced the challenges of starting a sorority on a male-dominated campus (women had just been given full status as students at Miami University in 1902).

Although fraternities were well-established at Miami University (the Miami Triad of Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Delta Theta) Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julie Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons faced derision from the male students of the university.  This adversity served to bond them even closer.

With the assistance of Dr. Guy Potter Benton, president of Miami University in 1902, the six women applied for the received the Articles of Incorporation from the State of Ohio.  The date of incorporation, October 24, is Alfa Lloyd’s birthday and is a tribute to her for the leadership and showed in moving the sorority forward.  Delta Zeta became the first sorority to be founded at Miami University and is to this day one of the only national sororities to be founded as a sorority rather than a women’s fraternity.

Today, Delta Zeta has enriched the lives of over 220,000 alumnae and collegiate members in the United States and Canada.  Delta Zeta is the second largest sorority nationally, the first largest sorority internationally, and is one of the largest group of women in the world.

Currently there are roughly 158 collegiate chapters nationwide as well as over 200 alumnae chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Delta Zeta Founders

Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julie Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons.

Delta Zeta Creed

To the world,
I promise temperance and insight and courage,
To crusade for justice,
To seek the truth and defend it always:
To those whom my life may touch in slight measure,
May I give graciously
Of what is mine;
To my friends,
Understanding and appreciation;
To those closer ones,
Love that is ever steadfast;
To my mind,
To myself,
That I may walk truly
In the light of the Flame.
–– Dorothy Mumford Williams, Alpha Zeta (1939)

Sorority Purpose

“The purpose of this sorority shall be to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote the moral and social culture of its members, and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action; objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort. The purpose of this sorority shall be advanced through the National Convention, the National Council, and the college and alumnae chapters.”

Constitution of the Delta Zeta Sorority, Article II, Sections 1. and 2.

Founded: October 24, 1902 (Celebrated 100 Years in 2002) at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

Colors: Old Rose and Vieux Green (Rose and Green)

Flower: Pink Killarney Rose

Jewel: Diamond

Badge: Roman Lamp

Delta Zeta Badge worn by initiated members of Delta Zeta

Mascot: Turtle

Magazine: The LAMP of Delta Zeta is the official magazine.  It is published three times a year and mailed to all initiated members whose addresses are current at National Headquarters

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